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WOD-KAN products

WOD-KAN products

WOD-KAN products

Flexible and extensive NavoTech production program for the broadly understood WOD-KAN industry: sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, tanks, retention, drainage chambers, separators, return flaps, flow regulators, neutralizers, anti-odor filters, installations.



Construction of installations, tank, storage and technological systems in the processes of purification, treatment, neutralization, disinfection of water and sewage. Tanks, bathtubs, desorbers and aeration towers, dosing, mixing and preparation systems.
Services and Service

Services and Service

Services and Service

An offer in the field of service, modernization, inspections of water and sewage installations and devices covered by the NavoTech offer as well as other manufacturers, sale of devices necessary for the service and maintenance of installations, welding and butt-welding services of PE, PVC, PP elements.
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Cooperation and partnership

Navotech our team

We offer own technical facilities and design, which allows for the implementation of individual tasks.

In our activities, we pay special attention to product quality control so that they meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

We offer the most extensive in the country a series of types of devices for the separation of light liquids adapted to various applications and in various material versions.

NavoTech's technological and design solutions find their imitators in competitive companies, which is a confirmation of the good quality and efficiency of our devices.

We carry out our activities in cooperation with:

  • with design offices, offering our support in developing and agreeing projects, selection of equipment and installations,
  • with contractors and investors during the implementation of the investment according to the requirements and needs of the project,
  • with chains of stores and wholesalers in the water and sewage industry.

In everyday work in the implementation of projects and orders, we focus on cooperation and partnership, having in mind primarily the satisfaction of the ordering party, and at a later stage, the user of devices and installations.

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