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Drainage chambers

Drainage chambers

NT-BAS drainage chambers (tunnels) are the best solution for development rainwater with the possibility of using various solutions and combinations: filtration- retention – storage.

Drainage chambers (tunnels) produced by NavoTech are intended for management installations (pressureless distribution, storage, retention and/or infiltration) of rainwater drained from the roofs of buildings through gutters and downpipes, or collected from paved surfaces (terraces, parking lots, streets, etc.). ).

Adopted and proven high strength indicators of drainage chambers guarantee the possibility of using the systems in passageways loaded with vehicular traffic:

  • NT-BAS drainage chambers, single;
  • NT-BAS-DUO drainage chambers, double.


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Infiltration chambers

Infiltration chambers, such as those offered by Navotech, are special devices used for effective rainwater management. They are part of the system drainwhich allows for pressureless distribution, storage, retention and infiltration of rainwater.

Application: Infiltration chambers are intended for installation in rainwater management systems. They are especially useful in places where rainwater it is collected from large surfaces, such as building roofs, terraces, parking lots or streets. Thanks to their design, infiltration chambers allow for effective distribution of rainwater in the ground, which helps prevent flooding and land flooding.


  1. Efficient rainwater management: NT-BAS infiltration chambers provide pressureless distribution, storage, retention and infiltration of rainwater, which helps to prevent problems related to excessive water accumulation.
  2. Durability: NT-BAS infiltration chambers are made of high-strength materials, which guarantees their long life and reliability.
  3. Ease of installation: Thanks to their design, NT-BAS infiltration chambers are easy to install and do not require specialized equipment.
  4. Environmental protection: Seeping rainwater into the ground is sustainable water management and helps protect the environment.
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