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Acid neutralizers KPH manufactured by NavoTech are used for neutralization of acids contained in sewage and are intended for installation in chemical laboratories or on sewerage approaches to rooms where there is a risk of spilling mineral acids, e.g. battery rooms, laboratories, etc., the KPH neutralizer can be used as a condensate neutralizer.

In complex technological systems of neutralization and pH correction of acids and alkalis, we recommend using the NavoTech industrial installations presented here.

Acid neutralizer KPH is a flow device. The wastewater flows into the sludge section where sedimentation and precipitation of the mineral suspension takes place. Then sewage enter the neutralization chamber.

The neutralization element is an individually selected reaction bed or, as a standard, natural calcium carbonate deposited in baskets, on which a chemical reaction takes place, resulting in the formation of water-insoluble sulphates.

Wastewater after neutralization is led in the upper part of the basket to the outflow connector.

According to the needs and requirements of the project acid neutralizer KPH, condensate neutralizer is additionally equipped with:

  • pH measuring probes to work in 'online' mode with GSM monitoring,
  • emergency dosing system of reagents to correct the pH value,
  • mechanical ventilation system,
  • discharge systems combined with the neutralizer.


KPH acid neutralizers, manufactured by the renowned NavoTech company, are a key solution in the field of environmental protection and work safety in places exposed to the presence of harmful acids. These advanced devices are specially designed for the effective neutralization of acids contained in sewage, which makes them indispensable equipment in various types of industrial and research facilities, such as chemical laboratories, battery rooms or other rooms where there is an increased risk of spilling mineral acids.

Thanks to their versatility, KPH neutralizers from NavoTech can be installed both in laboratories and directly on sewage connections, which allows for direct and effective neutralization of harmful substances before they enter the sewage system. This, in turn, contributes to a significant reduction in the potential impact on the natural environment and ensures compliance with applicable environmental protection standards and regulations.

One of the key advantages of KPH neutralizers is their ability to work in various conditions and with various types of acids, which makes them a universal solution and effective in many scenarios. Additionally, these neutralizers are designed for ease of installation and operation, minimizing the need for advanced technical knowledge on the part of users and facilitating rapid response in the event of a failure or spill of hazardous substances.

The KPH neutralizer can also be used as a condensate neutralizer, which extends its application beyond traditional areas related to acid neutralization. This additional functionality highlights the flexibility and innovation of the solutions offered by NavoTech, responding to a wide range of industrial and research needs.

The introduction of KPH acid neutralizers into the infrastructure of a laboratory or industrial plant is a strategic investment in safety and environmental protection. Thanks to this, companies can not only ensure safe working conditions for their employees, but also contribute to sustainable development and protect ecosystems against the potentially harmful effects of chemical substances.

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