Using our experience and knowledge, we have designed, manufactured, supplied, assembled and commissioned a number of installations, including:

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Freestanding process and storage tanks

NavoTech is a producer of all types of non-pressure NT-TOR and NT-TOP tanks: storage, process.

NT-TOR - cylindrical tanks

NT-TOP - rectangular tanks

The basic construction materials of our tanks are:

- PE,
- PP,
- PVC,
- stainless steel,
- structural steel protected against corrosion.

Desorbers, aeration towers

A desorber is a device that is used in some water treatment installations. It is a non-pressure device consisting of a column (aeration tower) and a tank with appropriate dimensions (matched to individual needs). In some installations where it is not necessary to collect treated water directly at the treatment site, only aeration towers are used, which are connected to the discharge system of the installation and the treated water is stored in separate tanks or fed directly to the network...

Water and sewage disinfection

Disinfection (decontamination) - a procedure aimed at the maximum reduction of the number of microorganisms in the decontaminated material.

The disinfecting systems manufactured by NavoTech use the following neutralizing technologies:

- disinfection with UV lamps,
- chemical disinfection (perhydrol, Potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite),
- pasteurization

Disinfection systems are used primarily in:

- hospitals (isolation wards),
- solitary (e.g. at airports),
- biochemical laboratories.

Water and sewage neutralization

Neutralization – a chemical reaction between an acid and a base that changes the pH of the reaction medium towards a more neutral reaction.

Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of the Environment, the pH range of treated sewage discharged into the sewage system should be between pH6.5 and pH8.0. If the pH of the sewage does not meet the above requirement, it must be neutralized.

Dosing and mixing systems

Dosing systems, dosing stations - devices or sets of devices for dosing a given medium. Usually, they consist of a storage tank or tanks for dosing medium, dosing pumps or pumps, agitators (static, mechanical) and connection fittings.

Basic types of dosing stations:

- stationary - constantly working in one place,
- containerized - working in one place with the possibility of transporting them to another,
- mobile - stations operating in the field, dosing the medium anywhere.

Solution preparation systems

In many industries, there is a need to prepare solutions locally. In order to meet these needs, Navotech can offer you individually selected solution preparation stations. Solutions, depending on the needs, can be prepared from dry or wet ingredients.

We make our stations from:

- thermoplastics (PE, PP, PVC),
- black steel,
- stainless, acid-resistant steel.

Examples of stations:

- automatic polyelectrolyte preparation stations - application e.g. in sewage treatment plants,
- lime milk preparation stations,
- potassium permanganate preparation stations - use e.g. for water disinfection, sewage and many others.

Chemical-resistant ventilation systems

Plastic ventilation installations are used wherever a highly aggressive medium or external environment precludes the use of installations made of common materials, including acid-resistant steel.

In addition to ventilation ducts, we offer:

- fittings: dampers, backflow preventer;
- accompanying devices: scrubbers, scrubbers, etc.
- assembly of installations on site at the customer's premises

NavoTech ventilation systems, due to the properties of the plastics used in their construction, are characterized by the following advantages:

- chemical resistance,
- complete anti-corrosion,
- lower curb weight (in relation to the steel installation),
- cost several times lower than the installation made of stainless, acid-proof steel,
- the possibility of freely shaping the cross-section of the channel while maintaining low cost and weight of the elements,
- the possibility of making elements in a non-flammable and antistatic version.


Industry equipment

NavoTech, thanks to the experience gained in the processing of all kinds of construction materials, with the help of our highly specialized field teams, is able to perform all kinds of work on our clients' facilities, including:

- repair works of plastic, steel and concrete tanks;

- replacement, renovation of tanks and all kinds of installations,

- enterprise energy audit (reduction of up to 60% of the cost of electricity).

In addition, we are a regular supplier of plastic elements such as, among others: protective baths, catch trays, stands for dosing pumps, all kinds of protective casings, discharge / charging hoppers and other.