Chemical-resistant ventilation systems

Plastic ventilation installations are used wherever a highly aggressive medium or external environment precludes the use of installations made of popular materials, including acid-resistant steel

In addition to ventilation ducts, we offer:

- fittings: dampers, backflow preventer;

- accompanying devices: scrubbers, scrubbers, etc.

- assembly of installations on site at the customer's premises

NavoTech ventilation systems, due to the properties of the plastics used in their construction, are characterized by the following advantages:

- chemical resistance,

- complete anti-corrosion,

- lower curb weight (in relation to the steel installation),

- cost several times lower than the installation made of stainless, acid-proof steel,

- the possibility of freely shaping the cross-section of the channel while maintaining low cost and weight of the elements,

- the possibility of making elements in a non-flammable and antistatic version.