Freestanding storage and process tanks

The basic construction materials of our tanks are:

- PE,
- PP,
- PVC,
- stainless steel,
- structural steel protected against corrosion.

We offer two types of tanks:

NT-TOR - cylindrical tanks

NT-TOP - rectangular tanks

Thanks to the large span of construction materials, we are able to select the appropriate NT-TOR / NT-TOP tank resistant to:

- stored medium (e.g. aggressive media: poisonous, corrosive),
- temperature (medium and ambient),
- working conditions.

NT-TOR / NT-TOP tanks are delivered to the construction site ready for installation or, if necessary, they are welded at the customer's site.

In cases where the applicable regulations oblige the user of the NT-TOR / NT-TOP tank to report it to the Office of Technical Inspection (Journal of Laws 2002 No.63, item. 572 Regulation of the Minister of Economy of April 16, 2002 on the technical conditions of technical inspection to be met by non-pressure and low-pressure tanks intended for the storage of poisonous or corrosive materials) to the construction site, we deliver products with full UDT documentation.

We produce tanks in the following versions:

  • free-standing:

            - cylindrical vertical: with a flat bottom, conical, oblique, open, closed etc.;

            - cylindrical horizontal,

            - rectangular,

            - other according to investor's needs.

  • underground

The basic equipment of the tanks includes:

        - a protective bath (double-walled design),

        - thermal insulation and a system for maintaining / raising the temperature of              the medium,

        - access ladders, platforms, handrails;

        - pumps, agitators,

        - control and measurement equipment, sensors, etc.