Pumping station service

The 'heart' of each pumping station are pumps and their pumping systems. These are the modules most exposed to the effect of exploitation and, therefore, they should be periodically cleaned and their working condition inspected. The pumps are most often controlled by float probes immersed in sewage, which tend to stick with grease, which disrupts the operation of these devices and the entire pumping station.

The basic service activities include:
- cleaning the pump impellers and checking the operation of the discharge systems,
- cleaning float probes or hydrostatic probes,
- control of mechanical ventilation operation,
- control of the control system operation,
- control of the shut-off valves operation,
- control of check valves operation,
- control of the completeness of the device components,
- oil check and possible topping up,
- measurement of current consumption by pumps.