Sewage treatment plant service

The service and inspection of the sewage treatment plant is aimed at extending the life of the device, proper management of waste generated during the operation of the device, as well as minimizing breakdowns. Service intervals are set individually depending on the type of device. The scope of work during the current service of the sewage treatment plant is very diverse and depends on the type of device, technology used, etc.

The basic service activities include:
- measurement of mineral substances (slime) in the retention tank,
- cleaning pump impellers and checking the operation of pumping systems,
- cleaning the level sensors,
- cleaning the air filter,
- control of the aeration system operation,
- control of the control system operation,
- measurement of the amount of oxygen in the activated sludge,
- measurement of the amount of activated sludge in the reactor,
- accredited physiochemical analyzes of wastewater,
- tank cleaning,
- measurement of current consumption of electrical devices.