Acid neutralizers

KPH acid neutralizers manufactured by NavoTech are used to neutralize acids contained in wastewater and are intended for installation in chemical laboratories or on sewage approaches to rooms where there is a risk of mineral acid spills, e.g. battery rooms, laboratories, etc. The KPH neutralizer can be used as condensate neutralizer.

In complex technological systems of neutralization and pH correction of acids and bases, we recommend the use of NavoTech industrial installations presented here.


The KPH acid neutralizer is a flow device. The wastewater flows into the sludge where sedimentation and precipitation of mineral suspension take place. The sewage then enters the neutralization chamber. The neutralizing element is an individually selected reaction bed or, as a standard, embedded in baskets of natural calcium carbonate, on which a chemical reaction takes place, as a result of which water-insoluble sulphates are formed. After neutralization, the wastewater is directed to the upper part of the basket to the drain connector.



According to the needs and requirements of the project, the KPH acid neutralizer and the condensate neutralizer is additionally equipped with:
- pH value measuring probes for 'online' operation with GSM monitoring,
- emergency reagent dosing system for pH value correction,
- mechanical ventilation system,
- discharge systems combined with the neutralizer.