Anti-flood protection

Anti-flood protection is used in places where there is a risk of water backflowing into the gravity sewage system from drainage ditches, rivers, lakes, bays or other water reservoirs. The backflow of water to the gravity sewage system leads to flooding of garages, basements and industrial plants. A frequent cause of flooding of lower-lying places are failures of water and sewage pumping systems.

A proven system of anti-flood protection is the use of flaps and non-return valves for installation on the sewage network or at their outlets to the receiver. According to the customer's needs, the dampers are equipped with counterweights with the possibility of adjusting the opening force. Made of high-density PE-HD polyethylene, highly resistant to corrosion and aggressive substances that may be present in sewage. These materials do not require the use of additional protective coatings and maintenance treatments.

Anti-flood protection offered by NavoTech includes:

- KP backflow preventer,

- ProFlex one way check valves.


The NavoTech KP backflow preventers are used for one-way closing and opening of pipe channels, preventing backflow in the event of a rise in the level of sewage behind the flap. They play a protective and regulatory role.

The backflow preventer opens automatically in the direction of flow due to the pressure of the liquid inside the pipeline.When the liquid pressure rises downstream of the non-return check valve (in the receiver) to a value greater than the pressure in the supply pipeline, the non-return flap closing disc is automatically closed.

The KP backflow preventers are manufactured in two basic types:

-network backflow preventer,
  KP-S - backflow preventer, network, barefoot,
  KP-Sk - backflow preventer, network, flanged,
for installation on a gravity sewer network,

- final backflow preventers
  KP-Kb - backflow preventer, final, barefoot,
  KP-Kb-p - backflow preventer, final, barefoot with counterweight,
  KP-Kk - backflow preventer, final, flanged,
  KP-Kk-p - backflow preventer, final, flanged with counterweight,
for installation in a well, abutment, sewage outlet to the receiver.


The ProFlex Rubber One Way Check Valve is an excellent solution for controlling back pressure formed in outflows from sewage treatment plants, outlets of sewage and rainwater channels and on outlets to watercourses.  The offered check valves are an alternative to backflow preventers that can stick and rust. Unlike the backflow preventers, the ProFlex rubber check valve can handle obstacles (objects blocking the flow) without jamming as well as without opening the flap, without the possibility of closing it.

ProFlex check valves are manufactured in two basic types:
- ProFlex type 710 or 720 with flange connection,
- ProFlex type 730 or 740 with sleeve connection.

The main advantages of using ProFlex check valves are:
- excellent anti-flood protection,
- protection against getting rodents in to the installation,
- protection against odors,
- no moving parts such as a hinge or a joint,
- resistant and insensitive to water ripples,
- a wide range of diameters used from 50 to 1800 [mm],
- a large selection of development variants: on abutments, in the wells, in an existing pipe, on a closed or open canal,
- very quiet operation without strokes
- do not deform and do not freeze
- resistant to devastation (no steel elements).

If you are interested in ProFlex check valves, please contact our sales department. We offer assistance in the selection of devices and detailed technical materials.