Flow regulators

Rainwater flow regulators called DRP by NavoTech, due to the irregular nature of rainfall and the related changes in flow, are mainly used in the construction of rainwater drainage systems with water retention and storage systems, in which the sewage system and installed WOD-KAN devices may be periodically exposed to hydraulic overload, which may cause them to malfunction or damage and thus harm the environment.
DRP flow regulators can be installed in ROK retention tanks, NT-BAS drainage chamber systems, and overflow systems.


The proprietary NavoTech solutions used in DRP regulators ensure flow equalization and have a positive effect on the operation of built-in rainwater drainage devices. The DRP flow controller can be installed directly in the retention reservoirs or in an intermediate well at the outlet of the retention reservoir. Thanks to the use of such materials in the production of DRP regulators, they are resistant to aggressive environmental conditions, do not corrode, do not require additional protective coatings or any maintenance.

NavoTech offers flow regulators in the nominal flow range from 0.5 [l/s] to 500 [l/s], for larger flows the regulators are selected on request. They are made of high-density PE-HD polyethylene or acid-resistant stainless steel.


The following elements of rainwater management produced by NavoTech are dedicated to work with DRP flow regulators:

- ROK storage tanks,

- NAVO pumping station,

- NT-BAS drainage chambers,

- ProFlex check valves and KP backflow preventer.