Rainwater management

What is the NT-ZWD system manufactured by NavoTech?

It is a complete, integrated rainwater management system. It is an effective solution to the problems of managing rainwater drained from the roofs of buildings, collected from hardened ground surfaces (terraces, parking lots, streets, etc.).

The NT-ZWD rainwater management system is configured, selected individually according to the size of the catchment area, the investor's needs, and project requirements. Delivered to the site as a whole system with refined technical parameters, dimensions and a 10-year warranty for the Ordering Party.


According to the needs and input parameters for building the NT-ZWD system, we can choose the following devices:

- control well (inlet grate protection),

- settler (separation of mineral and organic suspensions),

- separator (separation of petroleum substances),

- storage, retention tank (collected rainwater to be used),

- drainage chambers (retention or soil drainage),

- outflow regulator (drainage of excess water with a given capacity),

- check valve (flood protection, odors and rodents).

NT-ZWD technical support

We provide the following technical support:

- system device selection program (by introducing basic parameters, the program enables the selection of devices and system sizes),
- technical drawings .dwg (ready-made drawings in .dwg formats to be used in concepts and industry projects),
- technical directory (basic information on the purpose, use, design and installation of PMBP).

Adopted and tested high strength indexes of individual system elements guarantee the possibility of using the systems on traffic routes with a load of 14.5 tons per axle (on roadways and under parking lots).