Water and sewage pumping stations

In the catchment systems, where there is no possibility of gravity discharge of the medium, it is possible to raise it to a higher level using NAVO type pumping stations.

NavoTech pumping stations operate in the range of flows from the lowest (where the lower limit is limited by maintaining the flow velocity in the discharge pipeline) to several hundred l/s. The pumping stations operate as two, three or even four-pump systems. With the highest flows they are installed in two tanks acting as a system of communicating vessels. All materials used in the pumping station are adapted to work in an corrosive environment.

The selection of the pumping station and equipment is carried out individually according to the needs of the project and customer requirements by the NavoTech Technical Department. This approach is aimed at preparing an offer that meets your needs and requirements, and at the same time is adapted to the field conditions, applicable health and safety regulations and industry arrangements.

Water and sewage pumping stations are a complete pumping unit delivered in full to the building site, we perform assembly and technological commissioning. As part of the orders, we propose and implement pumping station service contracts.

NavoTech solutions for water and sewage pumping stations:

NAVO/B in a concrete tank, concrete C35 / 45,
NAVO/PE in a polyethylene tank, stiffness e.g. SN4.


In terms of the quality of equipment and operational reliability, NavoTech does not compromise and therefore uses only selected and tested materials in terms of their operation and chemical resistance.

NavoTech equips pumping stations with pumps from the largest Western manufacturers: Grundfos, Lowara, KSB, ABS, and also Polish manufacturers: Metalchem Warszawa, Meprozet Brzeg.

Reinforced concrete tanks of the NAVO/B pumping station are manufactured on the basis of concrete of the C35/45 class, in the W-8 water-tightness class and F-150 frost-resistance class; they do not corrode in the environment of groundwater and sewage. Designed for development in green areas or areas with vehicle traffic.

Double-walled tanks of the NAVO/PE pumping station made of polyethylene in the shape of a cylinder with a vertical axis, are made on the basis of double-walled, structural, spiral pipes characterized by high ring stiffness, min. SN4, very good abrasion resistance and complete chemical resistance.

As standard, all tanks are topped with a cover made of stainless checker plate.


The basic element of the control and automation system is the I&C control cabinet with optical and acoustic alarm signaling, installed next to the tank. It is possible to install the cabinet inside the building located near the pumping station. The cabinet's casing is closed, resistant to weather conditions and provides the required degree of protection IP54. At the customer's request, we offer monitoring by means of, for example, GSM, GPRS mobile telephony, radio signal or by cable, informing you about the operating status of the pumping station.