Water and sewage treatment plants

Biological wastewater treatment involves the multiple intensification of the biochemical decomposition processes of organic substances occurring in natural conditions by using appropriate technical devices and creating optimal conditions for the development of a limited group of living organisms, which are a kind of a fragment of the natural environment.

We provide comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions.

The NavoTech company offers technical advice and assistance in selecting the appropriate wastewater treatment technology tailored to the Investor's needs and local conditions.

Wastewater treatment solutions proposed by NavoTech:

NT-ROT rotary disc beds, for 50 ÷ 400 PE, capacity 5 ÷ 60 [m3/ d],

NT-BIOS SBR biological reactor for 50 ÷ 2000 PE, capacity 7.5 ÷ 300 [m3/ d].

Wastewater treatment plant NT-ROT

Wastewater treatment plant for NT-ROT sewage treatment plant: rotating rotating disc 50 ÷ 400 obtained number of inhabitants, capacity ÷ 60 [m3/ d].


Descprition of  working

The moving series of discs is the basis for the development of the biological membrane, thanks to which there is a complete biological treatment of wastewater. The excess of biological membrane is torn off the bed and retained in the secondary sedimentation tank.



- schools, kindergartens, social welfare Home, sanatoriums, resorts,

- social facilities for industrial workplace.


Usement benefits

- very low operating costs (no air blowers),

- stability of work with uneven sewage inflow,

- maximum simplification of maintenance activities,

- operational reliability of mechanical components and devices,

- high structural endurance of the tanks,

- a small number of mechanical devices.

Wastewater treatment plant NT-BIOS

NT-BIOS wastewater treatment plants are a classic, proven solution for neutralizing domestic sewage, improved by NavoTech for 20 years. They are characterized by a very high resistance of the system to the uneven inflow of the quantity and quality of sewage, which is confirmed by their development and operation on motorways rest areas, ski stations, workplaces, etc.


Description of working

As a biological stage, SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) with low loaded activated sludge was used here. Wastewater treatment takes place in several phases and cycles during the day in one tank.



-  schools, kindergartens, social welfare Home,

- residentials,

- sanatoriums,

- resorts,

- social facilities for industrial workplace,

- other types of buildings.


Usement benefits

- low exploation costs,

- system resistance to uneven wastewater quantity and quality inflow,

- high degree of contamination removal,

- quick installation and start-up of the treatment plant after adding the sewage,

- no nuisance of the sewage treatment plant for the environment,

- compact, monolithic structure,

- ease of use and reliability of work.